Founder/Creative Director

Christian Roberts

The idea behind Truth ’n’ Hair came from two passions I have; one is the barbering industry, and the other is my passion for helping develop and supporting people.

Throughout my life, I’ve faced many battles, both as a professional footballer and in my personal life. I know first-hand the effects of mental health, and I believe that with my knowledge and experience, I can help give back to the community by providing opportunities during times of need.

Barbering is not only a passion of mine, but it is that go-to place to unwind and interact with others and as a recovering alcoholic, in the fellowship, we are encouraged to find a place of peace in our lives.

I believe that if we can create a link between the barbering and raising awareness of mental health, it will provide men with that place of safety, somewhere that they feel at ease about talking. There is a stigma behind men not being able to talk about their problems/feelings, and I want to shake that off and make a difference.

I know it works because I took advantage of the opportunity in a barber chair to talk in a comfortable and natural environment and I’ve felt that benefit.

To keep it simple, I want to provide a service that cannot only make people feel good, because they like what they see after having a haircut or a beard trim, but also feel good by sharing the day to day challenges that they may feel are building up.

It’s not the elephants in the world we have to worry about; it’s the ants that crawl amongst our feet.


The relationship between a barber and a client can be a very special bond it is thought that actually you reveal more and talk more to your barber and possibly anyone else as a male having that relationship in which you feel comfortable to talk maybe because it’s a relaxing environment and with that, you feel in a safe place to talk.


We hold regular events in the community to raise awareness for men's mental health. Check for an event near you and come join us as we tie together barbering and mental health awareness.