Training Event

19 Feb - 5:00 pm | Cardiff and Vale College, Dumballs Rd

The idea behind Truth ’n’ Hair came from two passions I have; one is the barbering industry, and the other is my passion for helping develop and supporting people.

Throughout my life, I’ve faced many battles, both as a professional footballer and in my personal life. I know first-hand the effects of mental health, and I believe that with my knowledge and experience, I can help give back to the community by providing opportunities during times of need.

Barbering is not only a passion of mine, but it is that go-to place to unwind and interact with others and as a recovering alcoholic, in the fellowship, we are encouraged to find a place of peace in our lives.

I believe that if we can create a link between the barbering and raising awareness of mental health, it will provide men with that place of safety, somewhere that they feel at ease about talking. There is a stigma behind men not being able to talk about their problems/feelings, and I want to shake that off and make a difference.

I know it works because I took advantage of the opportunity in a barber chair to talk in a comfortable and natural environment and I’ve felt that benefit.

To keep it simple, I want